Sunday, 1 June 2014

Tuscan sun...

Exploring Castalina..the authors and Eloisa
We've been in Tuscany for three days now and our days have been filled with new experiences. A typical day is breakfast, writing. lunch, a presentation from Eloisa James after which she meets individually with each author.
Our hotel
We are a group of nine from Canada, the United States and Australia and the enthusiasm of the group is wonderful to see. There is a lot of discussion about where we are all up to, and the lectures and the feedback from Eloisa are like gold to authors working to improve their craft and their understanding of social media.
Some afternoons and evenings have  spent in the local village of Castellina in Chianti and the best way to describe our experiences is with a visual presentation of our experiences with the local culture, food, wine, markets and leather shops. The weather for the first two days was misty and very cool, with a good thunderstorm on Friday afternoon.
This morning we have woken up to clear skies and a light breeze. I am sitting in the garden writing this blog, inspiration tugging at me to get back to my story.

So sit back and enjoy...while I write...after all that's what we are here for!

The walk to the village
Bron and Annie on the way to the market
Sandy and Eloisa shopping
A typical scene in the village
In the village

Spectacular colours

The grounds of the hotel
Hotel garden

Where we are writing

More gardens in the hotel
To buy or not to buy...
Local produce
Wine tasting in an 11th century cellar
The whole group at the hotel
Tomorrow we will be exploring a little further stay posted.


  1. Loving these posts, Annie! And the photos! Curious about the composition of the group--where is everyone 'at' in their writing journey?
    Cheers, Sue

  2. Really enjoying reading about your writing and your time in Firenze!

  3. It looks like such fun Annie, what an awesome experience.

    1. It is, Sarah. We are embracing every second.

  4. Strangely enough, Susanne, we three Aussies seem to be the most experienced and only published authors in the group...apart from Eloisa of course. The Canadian and US girls are beginning their journey to publication but most have finished manuscripts to work on while we are here.

  5. Fabulous, Annie. Can't wait to catch up when you come home. Reckon you should be cooking Italian!! ;)

    1. Don't know about the cooking Jenn., but I am good at the eating!